For much of 2014 I worked on a suite of very still and subtle music. Perhaps this was a merging of my music and meditation practice. Perhaps this was a result of pairing down my once sprawling studio of synthesizers, machines and wires to a much simpler setup. Perhaps it was just music in the universe that needed to be born. Since I started making ambient music over 10 years ago, I’ve always had an interest in music to sleep to. I enjoy the idea of music that is not always listened to with the active mind, music that washes over someone’s subconscious as they sleep.

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Quiescent is journey into a meditative dreamland. Created by composer Michael McDermott, the album in its entirety is an eight hour long soundtrack patterned after the four sleep cycles. The music gently drifts with you as you release into slumber and then brings you back through to the other side of consciousness. This album can be experienced as a companion to a full night’s sleep or in smaller pieces during yoga, meditation, relaxation or being. The album is pay-what-you-wish pricing, so you may download it for free or if you can place a monetary amount on eight hours of original music anything is appreciated.

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Improvised performance using piano and the iPad application Samplr. Merging technologies from different centuries, composer and sound artist Mikronesia creates a real-time soundscape of sampled and live piano tones.

Camera and lighting: Dan Tabor
Performance and Editing: Mikronesia

More about the App: samplr.net

Torn Ivory

Torn Ivory is a saturated forest of delicate acoustic piano framed by a flickering stream of static textures. The acoustic piano was recorded initially at Marlborough College in the Vermont country side. Over the winter of 2013 the lofi recordings were processed, treated and re-sampled to create a hazy mulch of warm post-digital ambient piano music.

Mastered by Taylor Deupree at 12K Mastering.




Sound artist Mikronesia has embarked on his stillest and most minimal album to date. Host is a two part tale of journeying. The first track contains field recordings taken from a winter camping trip at World’’s End State Park. Part one (“Snow Wind Cast Into The Fire Well”) explores the art of texture, using minimal chord changes and melody but presenting them in contrast to the textured field recordings. The second part uses pure sine waves to explore the overtone series of the note “C”. “Pure” uses clean sound to create a state of timeless stillness, slowly tearing apart the very fabric of tone.

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This is one of my person favorite recordings I’ve ever done. It was one of the first things I recorded in our new studio in the house we bought in 2006. The album was described by label kaki as “experimental, shuffling ambient and glitching sound scapes”. It was released on the kikapu net label in 2008, which has since closed up shop. It was downloaded nearly 20,000 times since it’s release. It’s now available on bandcamp as a “pay what you wish” release.

Written and produced by Mikronesia

Available from bandcamp

Perpetual Movement and Sound – Perfect Sec0nds


This was our first and only studio recording done as “Perpetual Mvmt<>Snd” (Bilwa and Mikronesia). We did the recording in one weekend using a variety of synthesizers, percussion and effects. The music was created with our movement partners in mind and also as a companion to our gasp show at Philly Fringe that fall. This also turned out to the the first release on the new label earSnake. The limited edition spray painted CDs were sold at the Philly Fringe show.

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Iris or Comfortable Too


Iris or Comfortable Too was my second album for Gears of Sand. For this record I limited my sound source to a grand piano which I recorded late one night my brother’s restaurant. The sounds are glitchy and frigid, but there are points of warmth and stillness deep inside.

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Tissue Paper Ghosts


Tissue Paper Ghosts was my first official Mikronesia album released on Gear of Sand in February of 2006. The album is a loose concept album based on the psychic remains of a car crash. It was a real time capsule for where I was sonically at that time. It contains lots of DSP and computer based glitch processing of synthesizers, voices and percussion. The late musician, artist and spiritual traveler Flakes added some vocals to the track “Long Walk Up 611”. The album was very well received in the press and several choreographers have used tracks from TPG for their scores. Here’s a press release from Gear of Sand.

Tissue Paper Ghosts is a work of breathtaking ethereal ambient glitch. Mikronesia’s sound has flashes of Monolake and others in the world of clicks and cuts and trance-like minimal techno, but as a professionally trained musician with a keen sense of melody and rhythm he is able to really catapult his musical vision into a very special zone of listening. Originally released on Gears of Sand (GOS13).

Music and production: Mikronesia
Ghost vocals on “Long Walk Up 611”: Flakes
Mastered by Ben Fluery-Steiner

Available from bandcamp