Hello everyone, a quick announcement about a new piece I’ll be premiering at the Site/Sound: Revealing the Rail Park Festival commissioned and presented by American Composers Forum, Mural Arts Philly, and Friends of the Rail Park. The piece is called signaltonoisemeditation and will be performed by me on electronic instruments. The 45-minute piece explores the sonic history of telecommunications in Philadelphia. I have a personal family history with telephone technology as my grandmother, grandfather and both my parents worked for the phone company here in Philadelphia.

I’ll be performing at the site of the new installation by Carolyn Healy and John JH Phillips called Aspect 281. Their installation (photo below) is inspired by the history of railroad and signaling technology in Philadelphia. It’s a beautiful and immersive experience and worth experiencing on its own!

The Site/Sound Festival is fantastic and features three weeks of live music along with site-specific media installations along the path of the in-progress Rail Park. Check out some previews in the Philadelphia Inquirer and Philly Voice.

Saturday Oct 19, 7:15-8:00 PM
990 Spring Garden Street (East Lot)

Here’s a preview of the festival: