Philadelphia Inquirer Interview

Hello everyone, I hope you’re doing well wherever you are. I wanted to thank everyone who tuned into the overnight sleep concert stream on YouTube. There was a great article by the insightful writer Shaun Brady in the Philadelphia Inquirer that talks about Echozoo and the threads that connect Meditative Soundscapes.

Photo by Tom Gralish

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Echozoo on Sounds Curious

Hello everyone, two quick items about features for my Echozoo project exploring the deep-time of extinct animal soundscapes. 

You can hear one of my favorite podcasts Sounds Curious talk about and feature the work of Echozoo extensively on their most recent episodes.

Also, Dosage Magazine did a nice feature on Echozoo last week.

Third (I know I said, two things 😉 Echozoo related item, is my favorite iPad App Borderlands Granular released a new version and I designed a preset in the App form my Echozoo project! I used Borderlands extensively while designing and deconstructing imaginary animals soundscapes for Echozoo. If you have an iPad, even if you don’t make music, get it! It’s such a fun and adventurous way to sculpt sound like it’s putty in your hands.

Borderlands Granular

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