Everything from vast star systems to microscopic particles moves in vibration. By opening to these interconnected layers of vibration, we can harmonize our inner and outer awareness to promote peace, connection, and creativity. I invite you to explore my music and mindfulness offerings on this site.

“You are quite gifted at creating sonic textures which help lull one’s interior life towards a spirit of nuance and quiet.”
—Nicholas C.

“Reiley is a true mystic when it comes to healing music.”
—Dosage Magazine

“Michael’s music is like having an inner portable shrine wherever you go.”
—Wild Anima

Current Offerings

Weekly Meditation Group

Sound Sangha is a free weekly online meditation group (“sangha” is a Pali and Sanskrit word that means “community”). Each session lasts 45 minutes, including 20 minutes of meditation and a group discussion centered on listening and mindfulness.

“I love being in this circle and I feel so grateful. It is opening portals that I would not be otherwise journeying through.”
—Cynthia P.


This summer near my home in Tuscany, Italy, I’m delighted to be sharing live therapeutic music (group and individual sessions) and Escastic Dance DJ sets for Alchemy of Breath at ASHA. Breathcamps embrace you in a family environment that supports the growth and changes you want to make. They help you to fulfill the greatness of who you are, so you can know yourself better, and perhaps even consciously step into why you’re alive in these particular times. Come connect with me and the AoB community at ASHA.

Breathcamp Dates are in set for June, July, August, and September 2023.


Connect with the Science and Nonduality’s (SAND) weekly podcast Sounds of SAND produced, sound designed, and hosted by Michael. Every week Sounds of SAND present new conversations at the edge of science and spirituality and presenters from SAND’s rich history of Conferences and online gatherings.

Michael Reiley is a composer, producer, and teacher. His offerings weave the art, science, and spirituality of Deep Listening®, sonic mindfulness, and music into a holistic spectrum of offerings.
Michael is a certified Deep Listening teacher having studied in the linage of composer Pauline Oliveros. He currently teaches at the Center for Deep Listening at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. As a sound therapist Michael is a Certified Music Practitioner having studied with the Music for Healing and Transition Program which trains musicians for playing improvised music at the bedside of the sick and dying. As a composer, he has released over a dozen albums on labels such as Healing Sound Propagandist, Sacred Sea Records, White Swan, Pregnant Void, and on his own Sound of Listening imprint. Michael also works as a composer for Wavepaths, a platform providing music experiences for and as psychedelic therapy and as the podcast producer, blog editor, and webmaster at Science and Nonduality.