Welcome to Sound of Listening. My name is Michael. I am a composer, musician, and teacher. I invite you to watch the trailer video below, and explore some of my projects and offerings.

Coronal Loops

A soothing album of ambient music composed over the pandemic

Therapeutic Music

Offering in-person and virtual sound therapy sessions

Heavenly Bodies

An album of meditative soundscapes tuned to the frequencies of the planets


Deep Listening, Creative Sonic Explorations and Meditation Workshops

The Dream Cycles

Eight and half hours of binaural beat frequences and gentle soundscapes for a full night's sleep

Radiant Gradient

Music tuned to the ancient Solfeggio Frequency System for Healing and Well-Being

Celestial Music Box

An ambient music project that immerses the body, mind, and spirit in the healing sounds of the night sky


YouTube Channel aimed at bringing serenity, Deep Listening®, and harmony to your life through soothing audio visual meditative experiences.


Reimagining the sounds of earth’s past beyond a human scale, reconstructing the sound of extinct animals and their habitats, Echozoo connects listeners with the sounds of the distant past.

The Center for Deep Listening at Rensselaer

I am an adjunt professor for CDL@RPI Teaching Deep Listening Founded by Pauline Oliveros

Listening Bodies

Teaching and artistic framework exploring embodiment, Somatic and Deep Listening® Practices


Support the sonic offerings and receive the gifts of downloadable music, guided meditations, and talks

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