Michael Reiley is a musician, producer and educator focused on helping others to awaken their innate capacity to listen and resonate with the interconnected web of inner and outer soundscapes.

Current Offerings

Weekly Meditation Group

Sound Sangha is a free weekly online meditation group (“sangha” is a Pali and Sanskrit word that means “community”). Each session lasts 45 minutes, including 20 minutes of meditation and a group discussion centered on listening and mindfulness.

“I love being in this circle and I feel so grateful. It is opening portals that I would not be otherwise journeying through.”
—Cynthia P.


My most recent album is a collection of music exploring the infinite outer and space that surrounds us and how that is reflected in each of us in a vast inner space. Embark on a transcendent auditory journey with Reflektions, an ambient journey weaving the cosmic echoes of hand pan and piano melodies with gentle ambient textures and nature’s whispers. Each composition is a portal, transporting listeners to the depths of the cosmos and the recesses of their consciousness, where the interplay between vast galaxies and personal introspection intertwines.


Connect with the Science and Nonduality’s (SAND) weekly podcast Sounds of SAND produced, sound designed, and hosted by Michael. Every week Sounds of SAND presents new conversations at the edge of science and spirituality and presenters from SAND’s rich history of Conferences and online gatherings.

Guests include: Rupert Spira, Monica Gagliano, Parvathy Baul, Mukti, Neil Theise, Ellen Emmet, Peter Russell, Joan Tollifson, IONE, Laura Inserra, Michael Harrison, and Donald Hoffman.