Rediscover the power of listening and bring balance to your life.

“You are quite gifted at creating sonic textures which help lull one’s interior life towards a spirit of nuance and quiet.”
—Nicholas C.


Explore the healing potential of sound and silence, from guided meditations and sound baths to one-on-one sound therapy sessions.


Acousmatic Therapy is a six-module, audio-only program for people dealing with screen fatigue, addiction, and overwhelm. The course invites you to set aside time once a week for listening, rest, and contemplation. By using acousmatic sound, we can rest our eyes while reconnecting with our ability to listen. The course consists of 6 audio-only modules, each pairing a guided meditation with music, soundscapes, and other therapeutic sounds. Think of them as mini-retreats from your daily routine, where you can focus on yourself—and your relationship to the world around you.

Weekly Meditation Group

Sound Sangha is a free weekly online meditation group (“sangha” is a Pali and Sanskrit word that means “community”). Each session lasts 45 minutes, including 20 minutes of meditation and a group discussion centered on listening and mindfulness

“I love being in this circle and I feel so grateful. It is opening portals that I would not be otherwise journeying through.”
—Cynthia P.


Michael will be leading a two-day Deep Listening workshop in nature in Northern Italy on the border with Switzerland 26-31 July. Get your tickets now for this amazing festival. A six-day collective immersion in the mountain and pristine waters of the local territory featuring a residency program encompassing site-specific workshops, talks, outdoor activities and culminating in a weekend of live performances.

Welcome, I’m Michael Reiley

As a musician and composer, I’ve always known that sound can be transformative. My work fuses music with concepts from Deep Listening, a discipline centered on active listening to sound in all its forms. It’s also informed by my years of study in Theravada Buddhism and meditation.

Whether through group workshops, one-on-one music therapy sessions, or recorded pieces, my aim is to help you connect with yourself and the world around you through listening.

“Michael’s music is like having an inner portable shrine wherever you go.”
—Alex A.