Sound of Listening

Michael Reiley is a therapeutic musician, Deep Listening® facilitator, and composer. He offers recorded music, concerts, workshops, sound healing, and guided experiences including music for sleep, dreaming, meditation, movement, and liminal states of attention/awareness.

Newest Offering

Sound Sangha

The focus of the group will be on the intersection of meditation, sound, and listening. We’ll work with classic mindfulness-based meditation practices, as well as the work of Pauline Oliveros (Deep Listening), R. Murray Schafer (Soundscapes), Kay Gardener (Sounding the Inner Landscapes), Ajahn Amaro (Inner Listening), Thich Nhat Hahn, and Nada Yoga (just to name a few).

Music, Meditation

and Sound Therapy

for Individuals, Groups, and Organizations

Michael creates sonic worlds in the traditions of sound therapy, sacred music, and Deep Listening. His work explores the nexus of inner and outer soundscapes as a mode of transpersonal connection and oneness. Through this exploration spectrums of listening consciousness are illuminated including music for sleep, dreaming, meditation, therapy, movement, and focused states of attention/awareness. His music uses techniques and technologies such as drones, binaural beat frequencies, color therapy, data sonification, field recording, tape loops, sacred geometry, esoteric frequency ratios, alternate tuning systems, extended improvisations, sound healing instruments, and more traditional instruments like piano, hand pan, and synthesizer.

Therapeutic Music

One on one and group sessions in home, hospitals, hospice, and through Telehealth via HD Zoom Calls

Deep Listening

Workshops, talks, scores, and writings around the field of Deep Listening in the lineage of US composer, Pauline Oliveros


Over a dozen full-length albums of music for all levels of consciousness from deep sleep to sublime attention


Michael creates soothing, healing video/soundscapes with calming hypnotic visuals for a meditation, sleep, yoga, listening, being, and becoming.