Virtual New Year’s with Fidget

Hello everyone, we wanted to take a moment to say hi, wish you a happy holiday and new year! Listening Bodies did not offer any in-person workshops this year, but we were creating videos, online experiences, and planning for the future. 
The first thing we wanted to share with you this holiday season is the “Meditation on Light” written by Monica Gentile (read by Michael in English and Italian by Monica). It’s a lovely guided meditation exploring the sensorial nature of light during this deep wintertime.
Also while we were in Philadelphia for several months this spring, due to the pandemic, we were happy to live near and spend time with the wonderful dance/media company known as Fidget. This year Fidget will be hosting a Virtual New Year’s Eve Party called Age of Aquarius co-hosted by Forbidden Fruit. Listening Bodies will premiere a new video dance piece we created called “A Song the Earthworm Sang”. This piece is dedicated to Deep Listening founded by Pauline Oliveros and is a reference to a poem she wrote called “The Earthworm Also Sings” found in her Anthology of Text ScoresPlease consider purchasing a ticket to raise a toast and enjoy hours of art and entertainment for this virtual party in the comfort of your own space.

You can view the video we shared here:

Sending you love and light for a happy 2021,
Monica and Michael

Sleep Stream, August Edition

Becoming transported to the land of blissful soundscapes. This month live from Croatia I will remix the soundscapes of the summer Mediterranean Coastal Sea with cicada, waves, birds and the subtle sounds of a soothing summer slumber.

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Celestial Music Box

Because I received so many requests to give free access to Celestial Music Box (the generative music system that creates ambient music from the location and distance of the stars above you), I’ve opened up the website so it’s free to access and listen to since I realize for many people during this economic hardship, supporting music is not possible. For me the most important thing is to share the sounds and that you might find some peace and well being within.

As mentioned, if you have the means and want to support Ambient and Therapeutic music the link to my Patreon is here.

With love and warmth from Croatia,

Sleep Stream, July Edition

Hello, I hope this email finds you well. Just a quick note, this weekend I’ll be playing live for my monthly SLEEP STREAM series on the MEDITATIVE SOUNDSCAPES channel.
Saturday July 18, 4pm-midnight ET


If you haven’t been keeping up I’ve posted about one sound bath piece of music a week on the YouTube Channel MEDITATIVE SOUNDSCAPES. These sounds are for exploring the slower and deeper states and the nexus of listening, attention and awareness. They’re usually 45-120 minutes long. They’re not designed to be “watched”, but more as ambient music while working, doing yoga, meditation, movement, writing, drawing, walking or resting.

Recently, I’ve been posting a series there called COLOR THERPY that pairs specific musical frequencies with simple color gradient videos. Today I posed a video using an orange gradient with the frequency 417 Hz the “RE Frequency” from the ancient Solfeggio Frequency tuning system. The idea is that you put the video on full screen and allow to the color to wash over your room or closed eyes while you listen to its connected frequency from the Solfeggio tuning.


RE – 417 Hz
This tone produces the energy to trigger changes. This frequency cleans past traumatic experiences. This 417 HZ frequency acts at the cellular level by putting you in contact with an inexhaustible source of energy that allows you to transform your life.

Supporters of my Patreon can download these sounds from the YouTube channel to add to your own music library and to support me and the creation of this work.

Here’s a comment from supporter of the Patreon (and an epic supporter of the arts in general)

“Love the pacing and sense of presence in this.
Really does help to provide relief through trustworthy centering of attention.”
Nicholas Croft, Meditative Soundscapes Patreon Supporter

Be well and please send me a message back if you are receiving and enjoying the sonic connections, I’d love to hear how your summer is going…

Celestial Music Box Premiere

Join me on MEDITATIVE SOUNDSCAPES for the premiere of CELESTIAL MUSIC BOX. At midnight onJune 20 (The Summer Solstice) EST (NYC Time) I will be playing the entire night sky using the technology behind CELESTIAL MUSIC BOX. From midnight this Friday (EST Time), you can access the sounds of CELESTIAL MUSIC BOX through the exclusive web portal by supporting my PATREON.

Celestial Music Box Premiere

CELESTIAL MUSIC BOX is an ambient music experience that immerses body, mind and spirit in the healing energy of the stars. This suite of gentle tones is generated in real time using the night sky above the listener as musical score, to bring the “harmony of the spheres” down to earth. Specifically tuned to healing frequencies, each note is generated by the position, brightness and distance of the stars, showering the listener with a gentle, deeply relaxing, rain of sounds. Listeners can choose to hear the stars from any place on earth and any time in the past or future—giving your special place or time a new voice.   CELESTIAL MUSIC BOX will be an exclusive listening experience for members of my PATREON. You can support my work for at a minimum of $4.32 per month and receive downloads of my MEDITATIVE SOUNDSCAPE music for meditation, relaxation, sleeping, yoga, listening, being and becoming and of course you will have unlimited access to listen to CELESTIAL MUSIC BOX listening to the night sky as a unique sleeping experience driving by the stars above.

What is Patreon? Here’s a great description and video.

One thousand thank you’s for reading, listening and sharing.



Happy weekend everyone! Just a reminder I’ll be doing my second 8-hour Sleep Stream live on YouTube on Sunday 5/17. It starts at 4pm EST (22:00 Central Europe Time) and will go until midnight EST. This will be a perfect soundtrack for unwinding, meditation, and of course rest with live hand pan, dreamy sine tones and soothing environmental sounds. Hope to see you there!  

Mikroneisa – S L E E P S T R E A M