For much of 2014 I worked on a suite of very still and subtle music. Perhaps this was a merging of my music and meditation practice. Perhaps this was a result of pairing down my once sprawling studio of synthesizers, machines and wires to a much simpler setup. Perhaps it was just music in the universe that needed to be born. Since I started making ambient music over 10 years ago, I’ve always had an interest in music to sleep to. I enjoy the idea of music that is not always listened to with the active mind, music that washes over someone’s subconscious as they sleep.

Release info

Quiescent is journey into a meditative dreamland. Created by composer Michael McDermott, the album in its entirety is an eight hour long soundtrack patterned after the four sleep cycles. The music gently drifts with you as you release into slumber and then brings you back through to the other side of consciousness. This album can be experienced as a companion to a full night’s sleep or in smaller pieces during yoga, meditation, relaxation or being. The album is pay-what-you-wish pricing, so you may download it for free or if you can place a monetary amount on eight hours of original music anything is appreciated.

Download from bandcamp