I’m pleased to present a new album of meditation music. These sounds are offered as an inner reflection of ever-changing reality as a wordless guided sonic meditation. It’s Bandcamp Friday, so if you can afford to buy this one, I get 100% of the money as part of the generosity of Bandcamp. If you can’t afford the download now, no worries. Let me know, I’ll be releasing some download codes next week and I will send you a free download code to add this music to your collection take with you offline.


As an extension of my weekly offering on Meditative Soundscapes comes a new album in the “Meditation” series. This collection of music explores the broad and important concept of Vipassnā as a form of meditation. The album can experienced as a soundtrack to a wordless guided meditation to explore the “three marks of existence” as the ultimate inquiry into true nature of existence. It can also be explored as a curiosity or background ambient music or as a soundtrack to your life.

Vipassanā (Pāli) or vipaśyanā (Sanskrit) literally, “special-seeing”, “special, seeing (Passanā)”, is a Buddhist term that is often translated as “insight”. The Pali Canon describes it as one of two qualities of mind which is developed (bhāvanā) in Buddhist meditation, the other being samatha (mind calming). It is often defined as a form of meditation that seeks “insight into the true nature of reality”, defined as anicca “impermanence”, dukkha “suffering, unsatisfactoriness”, anattā “non-self”, the three marks of existence in the Theravada tradition, and as śūnyatā “emptiness” and Buddha-nature in the Mahayana traditions.