Coronal Loops

I’m very excited to share a new album of ambient music on the sublime label Healing Sound Propagandist (a sub-label from Past Inside the Present).

Healing Sound Propagandist is a digital-only sublabel of Past Inside the Present that further explores the sounds and textures that PITP has become known for; expanding both upon their dreamier meditative output as well as texture-focused arrangements by ambient artists from around the world.

All albums and artists associated with HSP are hand-picked by the PITP team. The goal of the HSP imprint is to highlight talented artists and open up a broader opportunity for artists and composers to release their works with the backing, support, and promotional assistance from the parent label. The intent is to bring a collection of hidden gems to a wider audience through the Healing Sound Propagandist sublabel.

Coronal Loops is a sonic reflection on the nature of waiting, uncertainty, and isolation. This album contains loops and fragments created during the 2020-21 Pandemic. Many of the tracks were born from the much longer sonic meditations created for Michael’s YouTube channel. The intention was to provide a soothing escape and to illuminate an inner light that shines in each of us. Michael’s work as a certified Deep Listening® facilitator, Therapeutic Musician, and meditation teacher inform a sense of expansiveness, stillness, and transcendence found in each track.