The Gifts You Bring

Lakshmi's Gifts

I’m pleased to announce a collaborative debut with renowned yoga/chant musician David Newman. The project is called Binaural Mantras. Our first piece is a 20 minute sonic meditation using a chant dedicated to the goddess Lakshmi. The song is available as a pay-what-you-want release on White Swan Record’s Bandcamp. We’re releasing it today on tax day in the US as a positive message of abundance and generosity. More from White Swan Records: The Goddess Lakshmi bestows abundance and prosperity and reminds us that the flow of giving and receiving are interconnected. We offer you this special recording entitled Lakshmi’s Gifts by Binaural Mantras, a collaboration between chant artist, David Newman and ambient musician Michael Reiley McDermott. This groundbreaking recording merges Sanskrit mantras with binaural beats in an ambient soundscape using sound healing technology to empower abundance and inspiration. We’ve made it available to you on Tax Day as a message and tool for manifesting prosperity, and serving humanity with ease un-distracted by financial concerns, and with the resources available to you to influence positive change in the world. In the Spirit of Lakshmi, we invite you to pay as you please for this gift from our hearts to yours!


May 5th and 6th I’ll be doing two sleep music concerts in New York City. The May 6th concert in Soho is already sold out. There are still tickets remaining for the May 5th concert in Brooklyn.

These sleep concerts are an immersive, supportive sonic environment. Relax as a gentle sea of ambient found sounds and soft tones unfold over an evolving eight-hour concert. People who have attended these concerts in the past have described it as a profound experience. Let your unconscious body-mind receive this soothing tone bath.

Please bring a yoga mat, sleeping bag, blanket and pillows.

Pre-sleep concert sets by IVY MEDOWS and CURVED LIGHT.

37 Box Street
$20 / Sliding Scale



In case you missed it, I released a new ambient album on Bandcamp called :dibba-sota. This will be the kind of still, serene music you will hear at the sleep music concerts. Enjoy!