Michael Reiley – Sonochroma

Chromatherapy is a work of sound healing music with frequencies tuned to specific frequencies of color in the light spectrum.

The suite of music is based on the work of physicist Nick Anthony Fiorenza and his Ångstrom light calculations deriving the audio frequency of light at each color of the visible light spectrum.

Composer, sound therapist, and musician Michael Reiley used this chart as the basis for the sound design and musical structure. Each piece is based on a color on the frequency from red to violet. The music was tuned around the non-standard musical frequencies (i.e. 444 Hz as opposed to the standard 440 Hz of most western music) in that gradient of the light spectrum.

The intention behind the album is to create an audio format of a chromatherapy session.

Chromatherapy is a technique whereby people are exposed to specific colors via light or physical objects. Practical applications of this technique are said to balance energies in the body and facilitate healing or growth in certain areas of the body, mind, and heart.

The practice of using color therapeutically can be traced back to ancient Egypt. They made use of sun-filled rooms with colored glasses for therapeutic purposes.

Listen will the full body on good speakers or headphones to a specific color or the entire rainbow journey of soft glowing, vibrant, sound. The entire album will play for 108 minutes of music, with a one second pause between tracks.

NOTE: This album is intentionally mixed and mastered to be quiet. This will allow you to adjust the volume to your liking. You can have it play quietly as a background ambiance or turn it up loud and become immersed in sonic light.

For more on the benefits of color therapy, please visit this article: www.healthline.com/health/mental-health/the-mood-boosting-benefits-of-color-therapy.


  • LabelSound of Listening
  • Release date21 December 2023


  • Red (397 Hz)13:31
  • Orange (431 Hz)13:31
  • Yellow (464 Hz)13:31
  • Green (531 Hz)13:31
  • Turquoise (565 Hz)13:31
  • Blue (598 Hz)13:31
  • Indigo (632 Hz)13:31
  • Violet (665 Hz)13:31