Michael Reiley – Indra’s Net

With Indra’s Net, Michael is sharing small reflective jewels of longer pieces of music that he developed and shared with the Sound Sangha community on Patreon.

Each piece of music is an excerpt of longer “meditative soundscapes” that Michael shares with his Patrons every Monday as a gateway for inner and outer reflection.

Indra’s Net is a profound and ancient metaphor from Hindu and Buddhist philosophy. It represents an interconnected and interdependent view of reality. In this metaphor, the entire universe is compared to a vast, infinitely intricate net, with a jewel at each intersection of the threads. Each jewel reflects the light of every other jewel, symbolizing the interconnectedness of all beings and phenomena.

The concept highlights the idea that everything in the universe is interconnected, and the actions of one being can have a ripple effect on the whole, illustrating the deep interdependence of all life and phenomena. Indra’s Net is often used to illustrate the fundamental principles of interconnectivity, interdependence, and the concept that we are all part of a greater whole.

Each of these pieces of music is a sonic portal into a larger whole of vibrating reality realized through the sacred act of becoming quiet and listening.


  • LabelSound of Listening
  • Release date11 November 2023


  • Each Holographic Jewel2:19
  • Opens Through the Portal3:00
  • Into the Expanse2:22
  • Of Our Onesness2:28
  • Reflecting Back4:24
  • Into Itself4:32
  • An Interconnected Sea2:08
  • Containing All1:38
  • That Is2:02
  • And Will Ever Be3:54
  • The Web of Existence11:11