Michael Reiley – dibba-sota

Dibba-sota is one of the deeper states of transcendent meditation taught in Buddhism. Specifically, Dibba-sota translates from the Pali to mean “Divine ear” or clairaudience or supernatural hearing.

This collection of deep and still music is inspired by the imagined serenity and interconnection I find listening to the (un)natural world. Many of the tracks contain field recording I made in 2016 traveling to Ottawa, Quebec, Montana and Washington. With each piece, I sought to augment the natural environmental sounds


  • LabelSound of Listening
  • Release date06 April 2017


  • Field15:00
  • Toan9:44
  • Prana13:44
  • Mosquito9:20
  • Ghost Meet9:20
  • Bones20:14
  • Infinite Morning11:16
  • Behold17:55