Celebrate Yourself in Nature

Yoga, Meditation and laughter
Celebrating yourself in nature
A weekend of regenerating wellness in the nature of the Itria Valley.

Celebrating yourself in nature is a residential weekend dedicated to the regenerating wellness of Yoga, Meditations and Laughter, in the splendid natural scenery of the Itria Valley under the oaks of Par Tòt.

Two immersive days of regenerating practices in an environment that raises peace and harmony. A residential workshop has the charm and power of community, like a family, either small or large, celebrating every aspect of life together.

The journey will begin with a ritual, a Sufi “Karunesh” dance to open the heart and connect us deeply, working on the heart as an intelligent organ, an energetic and spiritual portal.

The first day will begin with Hatha Yoga, to find inner peace. You will learn some techniques for immediate well-being by improving posture, breathing, increasing flexibility and tone of your whole body. Then we will practice a visualization and exploration of the Chakras. Yoga Nidra will follow to let you experience deep relaxation, as to sleep like a baby!

Throughout the whole first day, you will be guided by the music of the American ambient musician, Michael Reiley. Michael will play the hang drum live during Hatha Yoga, he will give us a sound bath on the Chakras to activate specific frequencies during the Chakra yoga session, and for the Yoga Nidra practice he will accompany us with a relaxing concert of deep immersive ambient music to help us fall asleep.

The second day will be dedicated to Laughter Yoga and to the discovery of unconditional laughter, source of happiness and strength. You will find that laughing with or without a reason makes no difference to the brain, and that laughing is a medicine for everyone, with multiple benefits. Laughter Yoga is a very powerful practice that brings joy and fun. Even the most shy will not be able to stop laughing!