Echozoo Launch

At long last, a project I’ve been working on for over four years has arrived!

Recreating the sounds of extinct animals is a call to listen in the present.

Echozoo is an audio portal to the past, an invitation to the present, and an urgent message to the future.  Reimagining the sounds of earth’s ancient history beyond a human scale, reconstructing the sound of extinct animals and their habitats, Echozoo connects listeners with the sounds of the distant past. Created with field recordings of living animals, these are digitally processed to re-create the sounds of their now-extinct relatives and recomposed into immersive audio experiences. These long-silenced voices are re-sounded and heard within an imagined soundscape of their habitats, encouraging us to hear imagined ecosystems together with these ancestors in a powerful meditation on nature and the current loss of biodiversity in our natural world.

Echozoo Promo

Explore the Echozoo Portal here at You can listen to samples of creatures on the interactive map showing the region where these extinct creatures once lived.

You can support this largely self-financed project by buying one or more of the three-volume collection of extinction songs.