Listening Bodies is a teaching framework developed by Italian choreographer and Movement Researcher Monica Gentile and American composer and sound artist Michael Reiley McDermott. Their work includes practices in Movement Research/dance improvisation and partnering, Deep Listening, breathing techniques, sound-walks, guided meditations, mindfulness of listening and singing performance scores. Listening Bodies integrates Monica and Michael’s interest in physiology, anatomy, somatic practices, paleontology, evolutionary biology, neuroscience, and artificial intelligence.

Teaching Schedule

17 February 2019, Taller National de Danza, San Jose, CR
15 February 2019, Kracovia, San Jose, CR
6 February 2019, Casa Lü, Mexico City, MX
3 February 2019, Seltik, Peubla, MX
31 January 2019, Gallería Experimal Liliput, Peubla, MX
18 January 2019, Ánimal Casa Rural, Jalisco, MX
10-11 December 2018, Two Day Workshop, Tatwerk, Berlin, DE
21 November 2018, “Maybachufer Soundwalk”, GlogauAIR / SomoS, Berlin, DE
28 November 2018, “ASMR LIVE”, Liebig12, Berlin, DE
11 August 2018, Mashcer Space Coop, Philadelphia, US
22 October 2018, Lake Studios Berlin, Berlin, DE

Explore Some of Our Teaching Practices Below

Singing Scores

Teaching vocalization, movement and sonification scores for groups and individual. Below is a performance of Tuning Meditation by Pauline Oliveros.

Inner Ear Explorations

Hands on body movement exploration: moving from the ear fluids, perception of gravity and acceleration


Live Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response explorations to discover the synesthetic reality of hearing.

A live ASMR event for 12 participants

Movement Research

For those without a movement practice and professional dancers we explore ways to create improvised movement scores using listening and other somatic body practices as inspiration.

“Collective Tuning of the Hearts” inspired by Sanghyang

Sound Walks

Guided sound walks are ways to experience our sonic reality through various modes of listening with our ears, feet, body and consciousness. We can experience the nexus of the real outer world and the imagined inner world through listening while walking through spaces.

Sound walks through the imaginary


Guided meditations exploring Mindfulness of Listening and Listening Consciousness as a tool for sharpening and deepening our perceptions and senses

Listening Bodies Teachers:

Monica Gentile’s choreographic work and physical research investigate the embodiment of animalistic qualities, trance, minimalism, and the states of the body, energy, and breath. In particular, she is interested in investigating contrasting concepts within the body (presence/absence, solidity/evanescence) with a visual and imagery based approach. Her intent is to reveal these paradoxical states through evocative choreographic elements and in the construction of hybrid figures with the body and its gestures. Her work is characterized by a strong presence – creating an atmospheric/imaginary space around the body and expressing connections to forms found in nature, landscapes, and the geographical. The point of reference in her work is not only the body itself but how we place it and perceive it in relation to what surrounds us.

She graduated at the University “DAMS THEATER” at the Faculty of Philosophy and Literature of Bologna. She is a dancer, choreographer, Yoga Teacher and a martial arts practitioner (Kung fu and Aikido). Her dance practice is based on Movement Research and Somatic Practices. The choreographers and artists she has worked with have brought her to understand artistic practice as a political, ethical choice, related to the artist’s surroundings: Virgilio Sieni (Director of the Biennale Danza, Venice), Simona Bertozzi, Anna Albertarelli (working in the companies Gohatto and Vi-Kap), Michele Di Stefano (MK), Sonia Brunelli (Barokthegreat), Cristina Rizzo (Kinkaleri) with whom she formed the group of research CAN I. More recently in Berlin Peter Player, Maria Francesca Scaroni, Renate Graziadei, Maya Carroll and Julyen Hamilton, Keith Hennessy, Clara Furey, Nita Little

From 2011 she attended the School of Hatha Yoga ISYCO through the Department of Oriental studies of the University of Torino where she got the Degree of Hatha Yoga Teacher. She has been teaching since 2010 and has a wide range of experience with her body and a broad knowledge of the body’s anatomy and Indian physiology. In 2015 she became Laughing Yoga Leader, working with Chronical pain patients at the Immanul Klinik (Berlin). In 2018 she collaborated with the Choreographer Alessandro Sciarroni in the production ”Augusto” as a Laughter Yoga Coach.

Michael Reiley McDermott is a composer, musician, coder and sound designer. He has created works for video, dance, stage, installation, smartphones, multi-speaker arrays, wind sculptures, wishing wells and sleeping/dreaming. His practice explores the relationship between present moment awareness, deep time and humanity’s personal connection through listening. His work integrates a daily practice of meditation, Deep Listening and textured sound worlds through a process he calls “sonic photography”. This process involves site-specific recordings of physical spaces re-imagined using photographic development and collage techniques. His aim is to reframe the everyday world as both a grand statement that stretches out in both directions of time and as an ephemeral instant of precious connection.

In 2016 he completed a certification program in Deep Listening studying with Deep Listening pioneer Pauline Oliveros. He was recently Artist in Residence at <fidget>, Composer in Residence for Temple University’s BEEP Ensemble and Composer in Residence at Village of the Arts and Humanities. Over the past two years, he has been traveling at artists residencies around the world in Brazil, Iceland, Germany, Thailand, and India working on a sound design project of extinct animal sounds called Echozoo.

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