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Exploring Inner and Outer Soundscapes

Michael Reiley is a therapeutic musician, Deep Listening® facilitator, and composer. He offers recorded music, concerts, workshops, sound healing, and guided experiences including music for sleep, dreaming, meditation, movement, and liminal states of attention/awareness.

Virtual Sound Therapy

Michael is now offering virtual sound therapeutic music sessions over Zoom. Each session includes:
  • Consultation
  • Guided Mindfulness of Listening meditations
  • Improvised Therapeutic Music created to meet you and your needs
  • Other Sound Therapy options like Binaural Beats, Environmental Recordings, and Solfeggio Frequencies

“You are quite gifted at creating sonic textures which help to lull one's interior life towards a spirit of nuance and quiet, Michael. 🙏”

Nicholas CroftPatron

“Michael's music is like having an inner portable shrine wherever you go.”

Wild AnimaAvant Pop Artist

“Michael brings out the best in ‘meditative’ music to a more transient and accessible level. Creating a sublime experience for the listener quite often mistaken and misunderstood by. Here the the essence of the music is reinterpreted A ‘gateway’ to a ephemeral place and beyond.”

Christopher EllisSupporter


Sound Therapy

Sleep Music



Recent Albums

The Dream Cycles

This eight and a half-hour long album contains a carefully crafted mix of musical tones, binaural beats (for headphone listeners) tuned to aid sleep, long periods of silence or barely audible soundscapes to aid in the cycles of deep sleep


In the sounds of everyday life shines the luminous ground of infinite space. Deep in the stillness of silent becoming we can experience the interconnected web, present and waiting to be plucked.


An album of gently unfolding minimal waves of sounds. This simple suite contains over two hours of long-playing tracks that move slowly with many pauses in sound to make room for your own experience.

Much of the music, teachings and videos are offered freely. Support Michael’s work on Patreon and receive weekly posts of meditative and mindful soundscapes.

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