Hello everyone, hope your first week of self-isolation has been OK.

Today Bandcamp is not taking a cut of online sales to support recording artists. Also today because of this, I am donating all sales of Echozoo albums (my project reimagining extinct animal soundscapes) to WWF’s Australian Wildlife and Nature Recovery Fund to help restore and save animals effected in the wildfires in Australia.

Links to the albums below: https://mikronesia.bandcamp.com/album/echozoo-vol-3https://mikronesia.bandcamp.com/album/echozoo-vol-2-2https://mikronesia.bandcamp.com/album/echozoo-vol-1
Many species are on the brink of extinction. I realize there are several important causes ranging from Global Warming to the current pandemic that needs resources right now. If this cause speaks to you, please buy one of my Echozooalbums (links above) and all 100% of the sales will be donated to this WWF fund.
Please share if you’re so moved.

With Mettā,