Below is a collection of albums, film and dance scores and other collaborative projects. Click on the image to open a new window linking directly to more information about the project.

Celestial Music Box


Meditative Soundscapes


Infinite Lake

Sean Clute – Mud Season

Bilwa + Mikronesia – Unnatural Fields

Zornitsa Stoyonova – Elsewhere

Listening Bodies

Cities and Memory – Yangon, Myanmar City Guide

Village of Arts and Humanities – Home Court

Forgotten Landscapes

Landscapes 3: Uttarakhand


Landscapes 2: Hoh Rainforest

They’ll Miss Me When I’m Gone

Landscapes 1: Ilhabela

Binaural Mantras


Mixes from the Field

Cities and Memory – Stromboli Remix

Zornitsa Stoyonova – Explicit Female

Nora Gibson Contemporary Ballet – Ephemeral

Zornitsa Stoyanova – Dark Matter

Cities and Memory – Slavery in Utopia

Cities and Memory – Sound of Ireland

In a River the Color of Lead

Nora Gibson Contemporary Ballet – 2^(57,885,161) – 1


Gemini Wolf

Edge of Nostalgia