Michael Reiley

Infinite Lake

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01. Nuummite (with Maraliz Campos) (03:56)
02. Reflections (24:07)
03. A Drop of Infinite Light (24:02)
04. Cocoon of Light (55:04)

A quartet of pieces to be used in succession or mixed with other music intended for yoga practice, sound baths, meditation, reiki or relaxation. Download as high-quality MP3 or stream through the Bandcamp App for your class, studio or private practice.

“Nuummite” is named for the precious stone that is said to provice healing and grounding. A great way to welcome your practice. This track features the angelic wordless vocals of singer and musician Maraliz Campos.

“Reflections” was recorded in one take sitting by the Müggelsee Lake in East Berlin around 5 am. It contains an improvised duet between the birds awakening at dawn around the lake and Rav Vast hand pan (hang drum). The result is a soothing interplay of the two and a piece of gratitude for the miracle of life that awakens every day all around the world.

“A Drop of Infinite Light” is a raga-inspired piece of tambura(-ish) drone and tape looped electric piano. As the piece unfolds and builds upon itself it reveals a tapestry of shimmering bliss.

“Cocoon of Light” is a piece for the end of practice in the Shavasana (corpse pose). However unlike most Shavasana poses that are usually just 5-10 minutes at the end of the class, “Cocoon of Light” goes on for 50-minutes so you can stay in this extended pose of restoration, integration, and rebirth.

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