Michael Reiley

Heavenly Bodies

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01. Mercury (08:02)
02. Venus (03:16)
03. Earth (08:40)
04. Mars (07:38)
05. Jupiter (04:46)
06. Saturn (07:19)
07. Uranus (03:44)
08. Neptune (03:35)
09. Pluto (08:09)

Since the beginning, humanity has had a cosmic connection with the planets above. Ancient astrologers made sense of our lives here on Earth using the planets as guiding lights for us here on Earth. Gods and deities were named for the planets. The ancients spoke of the “harmony of the spheres” to explain the balance of the natural world around them. Seekers, from ancient astrologers to modern astronomers have charted and tried to understand the deeper mysteries of the universe through the charting of the other planets in our Solar System. Scientists study the eight main planets of our solar system to discover other planets deeper in space to find other signs of intelligent life.

The sounds of Heavenly Bodies were constructed by using the spatial movements of the planets translated into frequencies. Astronomy is the application of geometry through space, music is the application of geometry through time. This album seeks to bridge the spatial and sonic by exploring the sacred ratios and mathematics that guide the planets as they dance through our solar system with perfect balance and precision.

Measurements like the rate at which the planets orbit the sun, how many moons a planet has, how wide the circumference of the planets is, were translated to musical elements like pitch, duration, frequency, time, and oscillation. Also, the quality and the narrative story of each planet was woven into the composed soundscapes to give a sense of the wonder and majesty of each planet. Mercury’s soundscape, for example, is a dense, hot stew of tones, while Neptune’s soundscape is a distant, watery and mysterious. Although in astrology Earth is usually omitted from the planetary charts, it is included in this album. Unique among the other planets for its thriving ecosystem, the soundscape of the track “Earth” includes field recordings from around the planet in a subtle soundscape that sounds like home.

Listeners of Heavenly Bodies can find many points of entry to get lost in the healing soundscapes. The work on this album is a cosmic balance of the scientific and the spiritual. The base materials of the album were constructed using precise calculations and measurements from astronomers and cosmologists and the musical interpretation draws from the inspirational spirit of light, connection, and oneness these nine planets offer.

More about the ratios, pitches, and other musical measurements of the planets can be found here: https://www.planetware.de/octave/table.html
For many in the modern world, our connection to the stars and planets has become dim. Light pollution hides the Milky Way from city streets, and the pace of life keeps us from stopping to look up and take in the wonder of it all. Forgetting we are all under the same sky has led us to feel distant from nature around us and our fellow humans—the world is full of division and strife. Heavenly Bodies is a gentle call to return to the planets, to ourselves as one earth, and discover a wealth of benefits.

For sleep: let the sparse and beautiful ambient music of the stars lull you into a deep, restful sleep.

For healing: the frequencies of the album are specifically tuned to promote vibrational healing of body, mind, and spirit. They can allow your body to absorb the resonate frequencies of the other planets.

For relaxation: the slow and gentle flow of music provides the perfect background for meditation, contemplation, or reading.

For Meditation: many of the tracks on this album use Binaural Beat Frequencies with the planet’s measurements as the basis for the frequencies

Beyond the personal benefits, listening to the planets is a call to awaken ourselves to wonder, to the beauty of the earth and sky. The soothing tones similarly encourage our inner peace, resilience, and harmony. Excellent resources for coping with stress, adversity, and a sometimes chaotic outer world.
Headphones are recommended for listening to this album, as many of the frequencies are in the low range, and to receive the full benefit of the binaural beats.


released April 9, 2021

Written & Produced by Michael Reiley

Mastered at Out-ER Studio

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all rights reserved

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