Michael Reiley

Guided Mindfulness of Listening Meditations, Vol 1

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01. The Lighthouse (16:16)
02. Listening Mettā (19:10)
03. Equanimous Listening (16:16)
04. The Bubble (23:05)

As an extension of Michael’s work as a Deep Listening® and meditation teacher comes a collection of guided meditations for discovering peace, calm, and connection through the power of mindful listening. Over the pandemic Michael started a weekly Zoom group called Sound Sangha. This album contains four of the meditations presented in Sound Sangha and Deep Listening workshops.

‘The Lighthouse’ explores how listening itself is illuminating. When we listen we reveal what’s happening through the spectrum of attention and awareness.

‘Listening Mettā’ is a practice of cultivating benevolence and good feelings for everything we hear with the “ear of the heart”. It’s based on the Buddhist concept of Mettā (lovingkindness).

‘Equanimous Listening’ allows us to soften the reactive mind to allow sounds to be as they are to let everything “sing its own song”

‘The Bubble’ is the oldest meditation on the album. Written in 2016 as part of Michael’s training to become a Deep Listening teacher its been practiced at the many workshops he has led around the world. Its presented here for the first time to practice for yourself at home.

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