Michael Reiley


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01. Field (15:00)
02. Toan (09:44)
03. Prana (13:44)
04. Mosquito (09:20)
05. Ghost Meet (09:20)
06. Bones (20:14)
07. Infinite Morning (11:16)
08. Behold (17:55)

In the sounds of everyday life shines the luminous ground of infinite space. Deep in the stillness of silent becoming we can experience the interconnected web, present and waiting to be plucked.

Dibba-sota is one of the deeper states of transcendent meditation taught in Buddhism. Specifically, Dibba-sota translates from the Pali to mean “Divine ear” or clairaudience or supernatural hearing.

This collection of deep and still music is inspired by the imagined serenity and interconnection I find listening to the (un)natural world. Many of the tracks contain field recording I made in 2016 traveling to Ottawa, Quebec, Montana and Washington. With each piece, I sought to augment the natural environmental sounds

This album is recommended for meditation, sleep, yoga and slowing down.

This album is dedicated to the memory of Deep Listening founder Pauline Oliveros.

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