Music for Meditation

Meditative Soundscapes is platform for sonic therapy, harmonically tuned frequencies to decrease stress and increase concentration, and binaural field recordings from places here on Earth that will promote balance and compassion in your life. This deeply healing music will leave you feeling uplifted, equanimous and open to receive the world. Sonic meditations are great as a daily reset, to begin your day or to embark on a deep night’s sleep. Many of the recordings of Meditative Soundscapes are found through the Patreon and also on various albums and releases, on Youtube and a Podcast


Signature Soundscapes

A natural evolution of Meditative Soundscapes and connecting with folks on my Patreon I began to develop Signature Soundscapes. These custom made piece of sound therapy are tailor made for you and your needs. Do you have trouble sleeping? Feeling stressed out? Want to sonically induce mindfulness for creativity? Want to radically change the mind-body connection through listening?

These soundscapes are offered on a Sliding Scale based on your needs and means.

Signature Soundscapes start with a dialog. We will talk over video, phone or email and find out what sounds you like, what sounds you need, and what you would like to receive through the everlasting gift of listening.

Example Signature Soundscape for a Supporter

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Music for Sleep

I have had a sustained interest in meditation, Deep Listening and the effect sound can have on the unconscious mind for years. I’ve composed several suites of music intended to be listened to while sleeping including two eight-hour long album Quiescent and Sleep Cycles as well as the generative sleep experience Celestial Music Box which uses the position and distance of the stars overhead to generate m sleep music.
I also perform “sleep concerts”. These durational soundscape performances last from night until early the next morning.  These sleep concerts are an immersive, supportive sonic environment. A gentle sea of ambient field recordings and soft tones unfold over an evolving eight-hour concert.
Themes of rebirth, Bardo states, stillness, the liminal space between sleeping-waking-dreaming-listening, processed environmental sounds and the edges of audibility are explored during these concerts.

A Sampling of Sleep Music


I am trained a certified Deep Listening® teacher in the lineage of Pauline Oliveros. I have taught workshops across the world in Netherlands, Germany, Lithuania, Denmark, India, United States, Mexico and Costa Rica both as a solo teacher and with my two teaching projects Listening Bodies and  Mixes from the Field. I am also an adjunct teacher at the Center for Deep Listening at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, US.

Please get in touch if you would like me to lead a workshop, one on one sessions or to find out more.