I have written and produced albums, film scores, dance/theater scores, installations and given concerts, talks, and workshops all over the world in my nearly 20 years of work. Through my practice and study of Deep Listening®, I have synthesized my interests in meditation, sound design, dream states, field recording, attention, the imaginary and altered states of consciousness into a holistic teaching and artistic practice.

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Echozoo is a sonic art project imagining the lost songs of extinct animals. I have had a profound connection to the environmental sounds of nature and civilization through my Deep Listening, meditation and music practices. The sounds of the living world are as much a part of the fabric of our consciousness as screens, motors, and iTunes. I am creating this catalog of re-imagined animals sounds in an attempt to bring awareness to our present sound world and to take notice and care of the elements of that soundscape so that they can be preserved and appreciated.


I lead workshops in meditation, Deep Listening, sonic art practices, and composition. I have led these workshops at Universities, yoga and meditation studios, schools and community centers across Europe, Asia, and North America.

Currently, I am leading and exploring a Somatic Practice + Deep Listening workshop framework called Listening Bodies.


My albums are available through popular streaming services and to buy at Bandcamp.